Wild Dandelions


Wild Dandelions is a collaboration between alumni of the London International School of Performing Arts Alice Motta and Andrea Spisto, bridging elements of physical theatre ranging from clown and bouffon to playfulness and grotesque, fusing these with their own avocations in philosophy, poetry, light, sound, music, cultural upbringing and audience interaction.

Alice and Andrea are dreamers, creators and Latina Magic in all its effervescence. Meeting on one disillusioned spring day by the canal, these two women began to question their deepest fears. Deciding there and then to step into the belly of the beast, they began devising a piece on this very theme, with the guidance of fellow classmates, clowns, performers and a beatboxer including: Niklas Moller, Mary Cait Walthall, Thomas Mclees, Julia Couto and Rupert Oldridge.


Upcoming show dates:

13th and 14th of April 2018 8:00 pm at The Rosemary Branch Theatre

Waiting For It

In this mystical Latin-American adventure, a machine creates two scientists in order to find “it,” plunging them into mythical lands to face fantastical creatures: a bird-mystic curing the audience of all their troubles in the jungle of a futuristic Latin-American continent and mischievous cloud-snow creatures. Audience members are invited to cross over further into their world. Through mime, clown and magic-realism we reflect on what it is we spend our lives searching for.